Objectives Of  SESFO

SESFO was born out of the disturbing educational crisis in Sokoto State, with a desire to urgently salvage the educational decline in  Sokoto. SESFO emerged  at right time to compliment the effort of the government  in rescuing that very educational decline by serving as a conduit in providing , educational services ,materials and instructional support for revamping education in Sokoto state. Accordingly, SESFO was objectively established to, among other things.
•To promote education in Sokoto State.

•To carry out public enlightenment events on the importance of education.

•To organize quiz and debate competitions for students in order to increase their intellectual capabilities.

•To source and donate educational materials to schools and students.

•To edit ,print and publish journals,books,brochures,flyers or any kind of literature material.

•To grant prizes,awards,donations and scholarships to schools for outstanding students.

•To undertake any other activity inline with the aims and objectives of the forum.

•To organize seminars,workshops and other training activities for teachers of public schools.

•To promote girl child education.

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